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Umbraco provides an exceptional platform on which to build beautiful, functional websites. Often Umbraco is chosen as a platform due to its incredible flexibility and adaptability. For site owners who wish to grow their business or already know they will need to expand in the future, Umbraco is an obvious choice.

Over time, as sits expands and technology changes, websites can become a little clunky. Updates get missed, re-structures have loose-ends which can get forgotten about. Things can get messy behind the scenes and have a negative impact on your website without you knowing about it.

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Why Book a Free Umbraco Audit?

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Sporadic maintenance and updates

All websites require regular updates and maintenance to stay in tip top condition, but over time cracks can start to appear and websites gradually begin to underperform, leading to decreased traffic and conversions.

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Changes in architecture and structure

As a company grows, so too must the website. This can lead to a confusing site architecture, orphaned and lost pages, and a number of other issues which may go unnoticed for some time. If a potential customer visits a broken page, one which links to nowhere, or is heavily outdated, you are likely to lose them to the competition. Issues such as these lead to lost traffic continue to have a negative impact on the site until they are found.

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Website security is fundamental to both your user and search engines, and the fines for allowing breaches which expose user data can be crippling. Can you be certain your security is up to date in all areas?

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Beat the competition

Are you struggling to be seen online and beat the competition for key spots in search results? Clunky, messy and outdated sites are less likely to perform in search results compared to clean, up to date ones. Our audit will advise on ways to spring clean and tighten up your website to maximise performance.

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Our free Umbraco audit will look over key aspects of your Umbraco build alongside your goals and what you want your site to achieve. Based on the data and a review of the site, you will receive a report and have a discussion with one of our expert members of our team who will provide recommendations on how your site can be improved to make it more effective.

Having an effective website that is aligned to achieve your business and marketing goals is more important than ever before.

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